The Bourne Legacy

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Music Overview

Artist: James Newton Howard
Review Type: Film Score
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Released: August 7, 2012

The Good:

There are a few unique and interesting pieces.

The Bad:

No Themes. There is nothing particularly distinct about it.

Our Rating:

2.5 / 5 – Average


The Bourne Legacy carries little over from the themes of the original Bourne Trilogy.  The only connection that I made was the two familiar notes of the first track “Legacy” and part way through “You Fell in Love”.  This soundtrack does not live up to the legacy of the original Bourne Trilogy.

James Newton Howard composed a very typical unoriginal score for The Bourne Legacy.  There is nothing particularly distinct about it.  The most frustrating thing to me is that the original theme wasn’t used at all throughout the score.  The original main theme that John Powell composed is what we all remember from the original trilogy and the thing that was needed to tie this film into the original, even if they are two distinct stories.

Howard however doesn’t only lack the inclusion of the original theme, but he doesn’t create any new themes of his own.  The whole score is one continuous piece without any memorable or repeated themes.

There are a few unique and interesting pieces like “Program Shutdown” and a few others, but overall the soundtrack is very dull and unmemorable.

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