Review of the Movie Venom (2018)

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There is a stir and controversy over the premiere of the long-awaited film Venom, the latest Sony tape, which brings as protagonist a hero/villain character very different from what we are used to seeing in the movies; Today, Venom returns in solitary, but with the promise to integrate very soon to the universe of Spider-Man with Tom Holland.

I saw the movie Venom and the question that everyone makes me insistently is it as bad as they say?, and the answer is no, not as bad as they say the bad languages of the Internet, and I think, easily surpasses the tapes that has presented us DC in the cinema , of course, is not in the category of Wonder Woman, nor in the best tapes of Marvel, but I must say that the film is entertaining and works.

Now, I must clarify that this tape is made and designed for the casual audience of the cinema, yes, all those people who have never read a comic, but enjoy these adaptations, but relax, this is not the chaos of the four fantastic, and is certainly more entertaining That Batman vs. Superman or even that Suicide Squad.

Yes, the movie venom is entertaining, but also takes many creative liberties that far away and much to Venom from the comics, that can disturb a lot, the cult fans. If you add the classification of the tape, PG-13 and the intention of joining the Spider-Man universe makes the blood, violence and savagery of this character so popular in the world of comics is lost and for some people this can be disappointing.

Maybe that’s what made Tom Hardy declare that his favorite parts of the tape were eliminated.

But, speaking of the plot, the film in general, is entertaining dry, has some occurrences and evil that well, introduces a new hero or villain, according to the moment, in the world Marvel.

That yes, I must accept and the first hour of the tape, that focuses on introducing Eddie Brock, this new Eddie Brock that separates from the line of comics, takes a long time, is very late while we are all waiting and shut up Eddie and become Venom.

That part takes a long time, and the drama that we are presented of that character is unnecessary, although it is part of the new context that we want to present of this character.

Now, the other two questions of the air are there post-credits scenes?, is there cameo of Stan Lee?, the answers yes and yes.

There are two scenes, the first and most important is almost immediate in the post-credits, and those 2 minutes, a little less, will fly the head of all attendees presenting more of the Venomverse, the second, you will have to wait more than 20 minutes to leave and are more than 5 Minutes from Spider-Man: A new Universe.

Speaking of Stan Lee’s cameo, wait for him at the end.

The Venom Movie Synopsis

What is the movie Venom? Well obvious, of Venom, and how this villain emerges that becomes an antihero, now, all who are waiting to see a faithful adaptation of the comics, will take a big disappointment, because this story tells us a Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) Successful, who works in San Francisco, with a perfect life, but everything changes when confronted in an interview that makes the millionaire Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), who is uncomfortable with the interview and gets to dismiss Eddie and finish his girlfriend Anne (Michelle Williams), so desperate, lonely and sad, Eddie decides to follow the investigation against Drake in his labs, when something comes out more and is infected by the Venom symbiote, who is very hungry and evil plans to end the world, but Venom is Fond of Eddie and the world, then they are the only ones in charge of avoiding the invasion of these murderous symbiotes.

The Cast of the Movie Venom

I think the most relevant thing about this tape is Tom Hardy, that even though Venom, the animated CGI character is the main thing on this tape, Tom has an important weight with his jokes, with Eddie’s vision and interactions with venom.

Now, speaking of Venom, I think it lacks more development and more effects to the center of this tape.

Finally, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams are two characters with weight in the plot, but without much weight on stage.

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