Movie Review The Predator (2018)

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The film The most focused predator in comedy, which, in action, brings us a new installment of these unthinkable aliens who are now closer to the evolution and annihilation of the human race.

This cult film Saga, is very followed by many fans, who, although they have had their highs and lows with very good films made in the Eighties, and others not as well accomplished as predators, continues with its good number of fans who follow the comic , animated series and of course the movies, so the excitement to see on the big screen movie The predator is very high.

With the stellar performances of Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Jacob Tremblay, Alfie Allen and Jake busy Fox brings us a new adventure against these machines of death, and to remove the fiasco of the previous tape, Predators (2010), now bring us this kind of reboot that It also serves as a sequel in which there is much talk of the symbology of this franchise, many reasons are explained and many winks are also made to the original stories that emerged in the Eighties/nineties.

The film The predator is full of jokes, comedy, witty dialogues, one that another interesting special effect and in the final stretch we see that bloodthirsty element characteristic of these tapes, and the film is already in the end death, death, death, blood, brains and Guts, you know, the standard of these tapes.

They say out there, the bad languages of the Internet that this film is so bad that it is good, and although as action fails and enough, the comic feature and the heap of jokes of the tape rescue it for the fans, and definitive, this is not predators , but don’t rakearía it as the best thing about this cinematic universe.

I think the only thing that makes it relevant are the jokes, the symbology and the deepest look that is made to the world of this alien race; But don’t go thinking it’s action, it’s a light comedy.

And of course, in the end opens the door to more tapes with a human predator that will become the next predatory hunt.

Synopsis of the movie The Predator

What is it about?, military Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) is on a mission in Mexico to kill a narco and rescue a hostage, but, right in the middle of this attack falls the ship of a predator, creating chaos, confusion and death; But McKenna manages to escape by stealing the mask and glove from the predator, managing to send these artifacts home before the military, who are very focused on recovering all of this and erasing all traces of evidence.

But, while this happens in a secret research base, the scientific Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) is summoned to offer more knowledge about this predator, which by the way was caught, but while that happens another ship with another stronger predator It comes to Earth and so begins a race in which all run from these aliens who end up facing the Earth, to finally start a manhunt.

The distribution of the movie The Predator

It’s a comic strip, so, all the performances aren’t very serious, and they spin rather around making a lot of jokes, and the male cast headed by Boyd Holbrook is dedicated to beating, kicking and using heavy weapons. In a strict sense, they are light performances and I have seen better roles of Holbrook, the same goes for Olivia Munn, and even Jacob Tremblay quite loose on this tape.

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