Movie Review If I Were You (2018)

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It arrives to the screens of cinema one more history, yes, of those that we have seen many times, in which its protagonists, by the way, very different end a few days trapped in the body of the other one, unleashing a series of disparate and problems that will end up solving the life of both.

The movie If I Were You is a new proposal for Mexican cinema, which is not novel and proposes nothing new, but is full of jokes, so many that you end up laughing of those who work, while the others are occurrences that make this tape half entertaining, light and even enjoyable.

Now, I insist, bringing to the cinema one more film about the change of roles and being trapped in the body of another person, is nothing new, and films of these we have seen many, the reason is that they work well in the comedies and to see how two people so different have to Learning to be in the body of the other person who so much criticize can become entertaining, and that works in this film, which is original zero, but with its sparks.

But finally not all of this tape is a rehash or a film cliché, and this film explore, a little, not much, topics such as sexuality and preferences. In that sense this tape proposes something for a change and how it would be to have sex with someone else who has your body, how rare it would end up being and how it would hypothetically affect this event so strange.

Well, it is not the best comedy in the world, is not the best comedy to change roles, but is witty and works to entertain you for a while, the performances, especially those of Juan Manuel Bernal are fun.

Synopsis of The Movie If I Were You

What is the film about If I Were you? It takes us to the chaotic life in couple of Claudia (Sophie Alexander-Katz), a perfect housewife who has to combine her chores at home, with her work as a ballet teacher and conflicts with Antonio (Juan Manuel Bernal), her husband, a publicist in the twilight of her career, who is tired and concerned about the obligations of life.

This makes them get along very badly and every time they’re just starting to fight.

That changes when one day, literal, by the planetary alignment change bodies, and end up trapped in the body of the other, while they have to deal with the professional and personal challenges of being another person they do not understand and do not care to understand.

But if you want to return to your body, you will have to learn to resolve your conflicts to find harmony.

The Cast of the Movie If I Were You

This Mexican film has a good cast, which includes Daniel Giménez Cacho, Sebastián Zurita, Isela Vega and even a brief participation of Anabel Ferreira; But this tape highlights Juan Manuel Bernal, in its male and female version, thanks to him, the film becomes amusing by the occurrences of his character as well as the how it lands on screen.

Speaking of Sophie Alexander the character is not bad, but leaves a strange feeling, and ends with a character that is passed screaming for everything; I think it was the least enjoyment of this movie.

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